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Gaios is a picturesque village on the east coast of Paxos, having been named after Gaios who brought Christianity to the island. It is the capital of Paxos and the largest, most popular village on the island. Its harbor is famous for the yachts that dock there. This is the place where all the transportation needs of locals and travelers are met. 
You can find a wide variety of restaurants and cafeterias by Gaios harbor. One of tits major attractions is the Venetian square, where you are welcome to indulgein leisurely strolls. Once you reach the promenade of Gaios harbor, you will notice two small islets. The first one is Panagia, or else Virgin Mary. You will find a small whitewashed monastery on the island. Saint Nicholas is the second islet, with two churches standing tall there along with a Venetian fortress. 
Gaios is definitely the beating heart of Paxos, since it connects the island with the rest of the world and offers multiple options for entertainment, dining and shopping.
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