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Paxos is part of the Ionian islands, world renowned for their crystalline waters and spectacular beaches. Indeed, once you have visited Paxos and Antipaxos, you will be blown away by the unspoiled natural beauty and the verdant beaches of soft silky sand. All the beaches are inviting you to dive in and enjoy life at its finest, through rejuvenating swims in the transparent Ionian. 
Lakka is one of the most famous beaches of Paxos, located at the northern part of the island. It is a natural port, offering superb diving options to travelers. For a different experience, there is Mongonissi just a few miles from Gaios harbor. It is a small island, but there is a stretch of land connecting the two. 
Marmari is another exquisite beach of small pebbles, boasting natural shades from the olive groves. This beach is located within close proximity to Levrechio beach, an equally breathtaking option for you to consider for your dives. The latter is a special place for snorkeling, so you can keep it in mind.  
A famous and well-preserved beach in Paxos is Monodendri. In a distance of eight kilometers from Gaios harbor, the beach is popular not only for its natural beauty. It also provides great facilities for water sports. Finally, a list of the best beaches on the island would not be complete without a mention of Antipaxos beaches. There are splendid beaches including Voutoumi and Vrika. Turqoise waters, unmathed beauty and unique experiences to treasure!
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