Antipaxos Island

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Just two kilometers from Paxos, a hidden gem is found. Bathed by the Ionian Sea and boasting its transparent turqoise waters and soft silky sand, Antipaxos is all about serenity. The island only has a few dozens inhabitants. However, during summer many travelers flock the island to enjoy the marvelous waters and the absolute tranquility. 
There are daily boat tours departing from Gaios harbor, facilitating transportation to and from Antipaxos. If you are seeking a quiet retreat, then this is the place for you. In fact, you will fall in love with the idyllic character, the unspoiled nature and the pristine landscapes of Antipaxos. And perhaps more than that, you are going to get thrilled by the local wine. Most of the land on Antipaxos is covered by vineyards, producing high quality grape varieties leading to sumptuous wine – the elixir of the Gods! 
As for the exotic coastline of Antipaxos, there are two famous beaches and many smaller coves for you to enjoy. The fabulous Voutoumi and Vrika beaches attract travelers, who wish to dive in the unique waters of the Ionian and take pictures. But you are most welcome to explore the hidden treasures of the embroidered coastline on the small island.
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