In the deep blue waters of the Ionian sea, a few miles south of Corfu, a small earthly paradise emerges. Paxos is a cluster of islands. It consists of more than 6 smaller islands among which are Antipaxos, St. Nickolas, Daskalia and Mongonisi. Time and the sea have left their indelible mark on the island, forming steep cliffs, unexplored caves and enchanting beaches. And Paxos emerged from the depths of the sea with a blow of Poseidon's Trident.
Paxos island is a heaven based on earth, with crystal-clear waters and lush greenery that reaches the sea. 300,000 olive trees cover the whole island. You can travel around Paxos by hiring a car or a small boat. You will enjoy the beautiful beaches that surround the island, take up water sports or go fishing. Alternatively, you can also visit Antipaxos island, where you will be impressed by the sensational transparent water. Moreover, if you are into hiking you could visit the numerous churches that are scattered around the island, and watch the marvellous sunset in St. Apostoloi. On the western part of the island you can visit (by boat) the blue caves, Ortholithos, Erimitis, and Kamara, landscapes of natural beauty that will amaze you.
Paxos Club is superbly located just 900 meters from Gaios harbor. Although the hotel maintains its serene character and laid-back atmosphere, it also ensures smooth connectivity to all the island's major sights and attractions.
Paxos Club Resort & SPA A**** S.A.
490 82 Gaios, Paxos Island - Greece
Tel.: +30 26620 32450-3, Fax  : +30 26620 32097, E-mail: info@paxosclub.gr
Athens Office:
18, Apollonos Str. 17 778 Tavros.
Tel.: +30 210 3420310, Fax: +30 210 3420381, E-mail: info@paxosclub.gr
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